30 Day Song Challenge, Day 09

Day 09: A Song That You Can Dance To

This video is really really aaaaaaamazing. If you haven’t already seen it, you should watch it right now. The song doesn’t start until about 4 minutes 20 seconds in, but you should still watch it.

While I cannot dance like the weird Richard D. James-faced dancer does in the video, this song makes me want to try. It’s one of the rare danceable Aphex Twin numbers. The beats still skip and glitch around a lot, but it’s anchored to a simple beat that remains fairly constant, and if you want to go ahead and try an¬†improvisatory¬†interpretive dance to it, the major changes provide cues for you to change moves, maybe perform a trick or something.

Go ahead, no-one’s watching.

Even if they are, do it anyway.

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