30 Day Song Challenge, Day 15

Day 15: A Song That Describes You

This one was harder than I expected. I feel like I’ve said to myself “this song is talking about me!” to plenty of songs in the past, but I found it hard to recall many specific instances. But I picked a good one.

This is a song recorded for Steven Wilson’s first solo album Insurgentes, though it was not in fact on the album. It does however appear as a hidden track on the bonus disc in the hardback version I got.

This song describes for me, lyrically and musically, a portrait of my various failings and negative traits. That desperate guitar riff and chugging bass, the relentless repetitive drums… It’s a song about frustration, impotence, blind rage, futility. The songs that affect me the most, tend to strike certain nerves, certain emotions, and The 78 is very good at that. In fact, Steven Wilson is pretty good at that in general.

I think it actually helps to have music that speaks to your situation, negative or positive. It’s some kind of solace, almost empowering. The 78 is not about being a victim of circumstance, but about how easily¬†you can get tangled in your own failings and failures. That being the case, there’s always room for redemption.

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