A Meme!

Are you tired of memes? Me too!

So I decided to make one of my own. This is it.

Braaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaad Dourif!
Do you smell funk eggs? Because I sure do...

What does it mean? Nothing! Or maybe I’m not telling you! It doesn’t matter, because it is hilarious. Feel free to perpetuate this meme if you like. You can post it in forums, on your facebooks and your twitsnaps and your timblrs. I use it as a spray in TF2.

Get in on the ground floor with this one, before the etherwaves are ablaze with chatter about funk eggs. Be cooler than all your friends. Nobody will get the joke.

OR… Even better… MAKE YOUR OWN MEMES! Stick some nonsense text on an image and use it non sequiturial ways for instant in-joke hilarity.

You are welcome.

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