A Milestone

I have said before, I have a fairly glacial reading pace. I don’t skim-read, or anything, I tend to read every word, and if my thoughts wander, I’ll skip back a paragraph to make sure I’m taking it all in.

Anyway, I started reading The Stand by Stephen King in January. I finished it yesterday. Now, it’s not like I’ve been reading it continuously, just in fits and starts. I’ve read two or three other books in between those sessions, but I figured I should make a note here that I have in fact read all of The Stand. Yeah, I know, big deal right? Still, it was a good read. It kind of sags through the middle of Part 2, but it’s ultimately worth it.

Now I can definitely see the parallels that the creators of Lost have drawn with The Stand, certainly in terms of the good vs. evil struggle, and in some of the character archetypes.

I’m going to take a break from Stephen King for a while, probably going to read Game of Thrones, The Road, or one of any number of Philip K. Dick’s works next. Maybe I should find something more upbeat to read?

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