Bicycle: Out of Service

Well, some asshole who lives in my building seems to have run their car into my parked bike – which was locked, against a railing, in a spot only used for bikes, in our building’s “secure” carpark – and bent the back wheel.

Fucking A. Looks like a new wheel costs £50-£100 for a cheap one, and this added to the theft of my lights and pump earlier in the year, kind of puts me off the idea of owning a bike in Glasgow. Fuck this city.

EDIT: On further inspection, the front derailleur is broken too, great. There’s another bike out there with a much more deformed front wheel that has been there since I moved in, so I doubt anyone’s going to own up.

3 thoughts to “Bicycle: Out of Service”

  1. The problem is then getting to a bike shop, as well as the general cost of the repair. Much as I’d like to have a working bike, I’d rather eat.

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