I was playing Left4Dead earlier, and I was kicked out of an 8v8 game of Verses mode, literally for dying immediately after saving some guy from a smoker and saying afterwards “Man, I try to save a guy, and this happens.” Almost got kicked in the previous round as infected because I pounced a smoker’s target without realising that it’s not actually about eliminating players, it’s apparently about leaving a smoker to get points while doing minimal damage before getting killed.

So my point is, Left4Dead is a fun game, it’s just played by the kind of assholes I thought I left behind when I gave up Counter-Strike Source. Back to TF2 it is then. Where the assholes at least don’t have a big shiny votekick button.

2 thoughts to “Left4Dead”

  1. It’s something I’ve noticed in online multiplayer, if somebody is on the losing team, it’s always someone or something else’s fault. But Left 4 Dead is the only game I’ve been kicked from just for helping.

    Maybe you’re right, maybe if I had left him for dead I’d have made it to the end of the round. But I expect I would have gotten kicked for throwing a molotov through a doorway or something. Or maybe shooting a zombie.

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