Lost Season Six – So Far

Well, I’m enjoying it immensely. Hate to throw another theory on the pile, but follow me after the jump and I’ll blow your mind.


Jack looks in a mirror: “Hmm, what’s this thing on my neck?”

Kate looks in a mirror, then out of the window of the cab: “Hmm, who’s that dude back there?”

John has a mirror right up close to his face, but doesn’t seem to look in it.

Okay, so it’s not a great theory exactly, indeed Kate didn’t necessarily spot Jack in the mirror since they probably would have gone out of their way to point that out, and she could simply be thinking “Hmmm, that’s the guy I stole the pen from,” which brings the significant uses of mirrors to symbolise some link between realities down to one. Still, that one did seem a pretty noteworthy one to me. Through the looking glass anyone?

Also, please give Miles and Frank something to do. Soon.

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