Mixing on a Desk

Well, I just finished my first mixing session on an actual mixing desk – albeit an obsolete, partially working desk that they prime all the students on before we’re let loose on the expensive ones – and albeit a small array of tiny two track assignments.

I spent over an hour just fumbling my way around the desk not knowing what the hell was going on, but after I got into the swing of things, it was quite easy – even if it took a further two hours. My compression still sucks (my ears don’t yet hear the subtleties I suppose) but my gating is fairly solid. EQ is a bit ropey due to inexperience, but I’m getting closer. The hardest thing was trying to work out what the hell I was trying to do with a sidechain input on a gate, before realising I was going about it arse backwards (what an odd turn of phrase (turnip phase?)) and then quickly moving on.

It was pretty cool working late though. I booked 8-10PM (because I don’t have anything better to do on a Friday night – sob) but thankfully the 10-12 slot wasn’t booked, so I stayed on and got all the tasks done in one sitting. The place was largely abandoned, I was the only one upstairs, apparently only night supervisor folk downstairs sitting around drinking coffee. At first I was panicking I wouldn’t figure out the desk without help, and thus wouldn’t get it all done, but with some determination and trial and error, I really learned the whole procedure for myself which was satisfying and delicious like a burger (STOP THAT!). In a similar way to General William Henry Harrison, all it took was a fort… I mean effort.

Anyway, that’s the happy-haps (ugh…) so peace out y’all, and, um, word to your fat momma.

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