Murky Cryptmas!

Count Boney was another strange one-joke character that I invented in a feverish rush of creative energy. He is a skeletal Transylvanian vampire count, whose poor grasp of English is an excuse of a series of ridiculously contrived Halloween-themed puns, often in very poor taste, for non Halloween-related greeting cards.

To Illustrate in addition to the above, here’s some potential greeting card puns:

  • Conbatulations on Your Twenty Burst Blood Vessel!
  • Sorry I Messed Your Wedding, I was at a FUNeral!
  • Give Us This Day Our Scaly Bread
  • Conbonelences on Your Approaching Maimage!
  • I Vish You All the Beast on this Helliday Season
  • Harpy Birthday Mothra!
  • Harpy Faminetimes Day!
  • Conbatulations on Your Abortion!

And click on the pic to order actual genuine Christmas cards. And do it quickly, before the season is ov… FUCK! I missed it!

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