Oscar 2007-2009

Our dog Oscar died at the vet’s this afternoon during a blood-letting operation. Oscar spent his short life struggling against his congenital heart failure. Towards the end he was weak and often suffered seizures, but he kept fighting on well after we expected to lose him (he was diagnosed Christmas ’07 and it didn’t look like he’d make it to the new year).

He was always a little bundle of joyous energy, sometimes too much for his heart to cope with. He was receiving frequent phlebotomies to thin out his blood and give his heart an easier time. Every time he looked like he was on his last legs, he’d bounce right back, and the many good times made up for all the bad times. It was just a matter of time before his heart finally gave in. We just hope he enjoyed our company as much as we enjoyed his.

Crosslegged and Painsome

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