Paul & Murray Podcast, Episode 01

Meself and me old mucker Murray have decided to try our hands at Podcasting. Why? Well, because sometimes we just get it in our heads to do dumb things for no good reason. We made a couple of attempts this year to produce some more creative content for the internet, but that didn’t go exactly to plan, due primarily to scheduling issues and that age old curse of laziness. So instead we decided to just sit down with a couple microphones and chit-chat about whatever came to mind. I’m surprised nobody else has thought of this before.

Here are the results of our initial session, as posted on Murray’s blog recently (only with some additional post-production.)

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In this episode we discuss some books, some music, some films, some television, some games, it’s FUN/NO FUN for ALL/SOME/NONE of the FAMILY/FRIENDS/BUSINESS COLLEAGES. There is no intro music, or snazzy logo yet. Also, it’s a rambling mess. Consider this a pilot episode.

If you would like to subscribe to this awful endeavour, please use this feed, free of charge to do so! We don’t have a schedule yet, so we will put out episodes when we’re good and ready.

Making this podcast was fun, but we realised afterwards that something was missing. It seemed to us that there was a magical ingredient absent from this otherwise tasty podcast. “Tune in” tomorrow for the second part of this story, and episode two of our brand new podcast, which possibly has a better name than this one… For now, stay strong out there in Internetopolis.

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