Quick update

Hey, I know I said I was going to flood this thing with stuff about my year in Canada, and I haven’t. That’s still coming, I’ve just got much less time on my hands now that I’m working full-time in Glasgow, while being essentially homeless, living in a hostel with very limited internet access while I desperately search for a place to live.

I’m working for JohnLewis.com, on their emails team, still in training, about to spend a week on calls likely trying desperately not to sound like an idiot. I’m staying in a SYHA hostel during the week and travelling home on the weekends. It’s dumb.

I should have been more prepared for this, but the truth is, I am not and will not ever be prepared for anything ever and I’m sorry.

Long story short: still coming, soon-ish, will keep informed, if you even care.

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