Ryan Davis

RIP Ryan Davis, co-founder of Giant Bomb and the endlessly wonderful host of the Giant Bombcast, to which I have been an listener for… almost five years apparently. He also, by all accounts, radiated pure happiness to everyone in his vicinity. He got married just over a week ago, and now he is gone at age 34.

Though I did not know him personally, I’ve been listening to his voice, and watching him do dumb shit on the internet for five years of my life, so I’m incredibly bummed out. But for all the people who knew him, his family, his friends and colleagues at Giant Bomb and throughout the video game industry, his wife, I cannot begin to imagine their feelings.

For a man whose life seemed to be all about unbridled joy, I guess we ought to remember him in that light. But that’ll take time.

Ryan fucking Davis
Thank you, for everything.

Ryan Davis forever.

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