Subscription? To a blog? Whatever next?

Yes, yes, I know. Behind the times. Ironic considering I earned the title of “Techno Wizard” at my high school leaver’s ceremony (along with “Most likely to become a serial killer” which I found so offensive, I killed the entire awards committee).

Somehow, I never really bothered to get on the whole subscription model. It’s yet another area of the internet I’ve somehow not gotten on board with. WordPress has RSS feeds built in so I figured that’s enough and didn’t really do anything about it. Then it occurred to me yesterday, that people might maybe want a friendlier more obvious option, without having to manually enter a bunch of crap.

So there it is, over in the sidebar, the feed you’ve all been waiting for. Get all this crap piped straight into your reader. It’s food for thought for v5.

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