Tartar Lamb II – Polyimage of Known Exits

So, last year, I advised y’all go donate to the Tartar Lamb II kickstarter project. I’m assuming you didn’t because apparently you don’t like good music.

Anyway, the record got finished, is now entitled Polyimage of Known Exits, and is pretty sweet. It’s the usual Toby Driver style of through-composition, in his current bass guitar oriented idiom, all kinds of rubato craziness, woodwinds and noise. It sets a terrifying mood. The addition of Jeremiah Cymerman is inspired. I don’t know much about his music, but I shall be exploring it in the future.

The band have graciously uploaded the work to Soundcloud for all to enjoy. You can and should go listen to it. Click the artwork to do so.

As an egotistical sidenote, my name is on the list of donors there.

Also, pretty cover. Toby Driver is also a great painter, and as with his music, he works heavily with dream-like imagery. See? It's like seeing through a layer of reality into something unknown and terrifying that lies beyond. Or something.

Next time Toby Driver has something to record outside of his label work, I’ll be right there behind him. In the past two years he’s given me four incredible musical releases that I continue to enjoy. So, thank you Toby, and all your talented co-conspirators and musicians. Oh, and thanks to all the other donors, especially those who gave more than my comparatively paltry contribution.

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