Life keeps on rolling along

Well, here I am in 2008, confused as ever. Stuff is happening, but I’ve decided to stop announcing my stupid plans on the internet (not that anybody’s reading about them) because half of them fall by the wayside. So instead I’m going to talk about stuff that has happened, or stuff that is happening, not stuff that might or might not happen, time permitting.

So 2007 was both a busy and a slow year musically. I got a hell of a lot of stuff out there, but it was mostly for my noise project Asphixiator, which, personally enjoyable though it is, and pleased with it as I am, is not especially musical in the traditional sense. This year I do hope to swing back towards the more “melodic” side of things, carrying with me the things I have learned from Asphixiator. It is proving to be a trickier transition that I had expected.

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