Further Asphixiations (and other pastimes for children)

So,  work is sort of underway (at a relaxed pace, when I’m not busy with other stuff) on a project I aim to finish this summer, another Asphixiator release, this time a 2CD concept called Homophonies. For those who don’t know, homophony is a musical term that means the spreading of a chord over multiple instruments. Igor Stravinsky is one notable practitioner. Being Asphixiator, there is a catch of course: disc one consists of a series of drone pieces as on say Black, but disc two will be a much longer piece, ala Red, containing repeating themes and elements from the first disc, twisted and contorted into a sort of textural narrative. There are even some melodic themes I’m developing, but the album will be constructed around chordal and tone cluster drones, since that is its one reason for being.

Musically, I’ve been developing a lot of ideas recently, but trying my best not to hastily implement them while I’m busy on other stuff. There is some Snowman Made of Mud material that is under development that will be a consolidation of everything else I’ve been doing since I finished Diluvia at the end of 2006. Oh and hopefully my Tzitzimime 7 inch vinyl (not quite a single – more like a double b side) will be released sometime this year.

Other than that, Uni Uni Uni, and music and DVDs and the usual crap.

So, I’ve been listening to the latest Akron/Family album Love is Simple, and boy is it awesome. Sort of quirky pop, except that quirky pop is a shit-tastic description that carries a weight of negative connotations that fill me with anger, and I’m ill-equipped to describe what it really is. Kind of like a miniature version of Polyphonic Spree or something, except not as derivative as that sounds. The thing about it is for the first time in quite a while, I was hooked from the first listen. Normally it takes me two or three listens to get into an album, but I guess it was just the right time for me to hear Akron/Family. And the time may be right for you too. Hah!

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