Pseudo-Grail excerpt

Don’t ask.

“Thorn’s abscess to a disjunction; In tension I exclaim!” thralled the shaped dark being that defeats me to name, “In decision to perform, too shrill. Thus carry a carved ire shown for my becoming.”

I returned, “Bellowed one, betentacled and dispared, lo I have promised five forms and five forms shall beformed. Plead not with its sleep which I have claimed, I claim heart to shape its name to withstand this honoured day.”

Into throated coughs an erupting tritonic chorus didst hark, “You claim this?! Thy slanderous scaled tongue hails me and more so my Master shall not stand. I am portent to science, a wretch to the sea but a shadow only of Him.”

“I have claimed its sleep!”

The demon lashed its words extremely upon my epidermis “Cease! He is yours as mine, pawn! Worm! Stay thy clatter, as judgement will be rendered upon you.”

Again, “I have claimed its sleep!”

Sharply thrust it, “Vah!” With its rasp I could count the crown’s thorns. “Placate the centre of queer resplendence, He has claimed it! More so my Master shall not allow it to beformed. Vile cretin, mere whisp of His breath and the veil shuddered!”

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