Time of Darkness

Sounds of a broken engine
Carry foul in rusted air
Refuse for the babies to feed upon
The city is a machine
Tearing the sacred limb from limb

I am simply flesh
I am naught a thing but a piece of meat
Nailed to the time of darkness
The age of luxurious filth-bathers
Where every surface has screens
To spew the excess of computations

This food is a flat banquet of numbers
The city is a machine
The false tit genetically engineering false desires
To get the baby boomers sucking and spending
The slogan is the flower that will sell the turd
And still the mouths are flapping open
Begging for the master to shovel in more shit
So it’s no wonder that’s all that comes back up when they talk

You are simply flesh
You are naught a thing but meat
Dancing all night like some plasticised meat grinder
Unbridled hedonistic trash worship
A haze of flashed white lights
Techno brain destroyer

LCDs for the Lowest Common Denominator
They’re flat-lining but they don’t even know
Peel back their ersatz projections
That shield them from scrutiny
For the only true desire is to fuck or be fucked
By any fucking means necessary
Open your eyes to their darkness
You are sustained by the bleeping of boxes
Sycophantic slaves to manufactured false desire
Disconnect or die
Downloaded existence has no need for patience
Rotting away in post-anti-post-modernity
Acting like rats nailed to neon crosses

In the time of darkness
The dumb have begat the pathetic
And now they have upgraded to the apathetic
We’ve traded our identities for Myspace pages
Traded our opinions for pre-chewed slogans
Sold at the side of information superhighways
Upon which we speed towards eventless horizons
After martyring our childhoods to pathetic self-righteous liars

You cannot stop the processes
That you have initiated by inaction
You cannot stop the ocean
You cannot save yourself from drowning
You will all be drowned
Like the wretched insects you have become

– 29th April 2007
Note: these words appear in an Asphixiator track which you can listen to here. But don’t, because it’s 19 minutes long, and it’s not like you can even make out what I’m screaming.

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