Coming soon…

I will shortly be setting up galleries of some of my crappy drawings like I had on the old site, except all flashy and new, thanks to the wonderful NextGen Gallery plugin (which comes highly recommended by the way). I’ve upgraded my Flickr account to pro so I’ll be keeping all my photos there, but it doesn’t seem right to put non-photographic stuff there, and I sure as hell won’t be signing up for deviantART, so I’ll keep all the doodles here on my webspace where they ought to be (ie. where people won’t look at them).

So once that is up and running (within a day or so), next will come the comics page, which will probably use the same NextGen Gallery system. I’ve considered various other methods, but I don’t want to create a page per comic, because they never were daily or in any kind of sequence. So this will probably do, with its nice Javascript viewer and all.

I’m also planning a repository of most of my written stuff. Even further down that particular pipeline, I’m looking to revamp the old Celebrity Corner features, which I found quite fun. I like to keep things fresh, so it’ll likely be all new stuff, most likely in a blog format.

Thanks for your continued readership, next-to-nobody.

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