Wha’ Happened?

Fred Willard is the man. In a good way.

Anyway, you may have noticed thegrotto.tk is taking forever to redirect for some reason. So I advise all zero of you, my valued readers, to change your bookmarks to thegrotto.timidelfdesigns.co.uk which has no such trouble.

In other news, I was totally getting excited about the prospect of seeing Tom Waits this summer in Edinburgh. After all, forget Fred Willard, Tom Waits is the man. Well he was the man until I saw the ticket prices, at which point he magically turned into the man (boo! hiss!).

Tom Waits is charging, for each of his two Edinburgh Playhouse shows, the measly sum of £75-£95. Yes that’s right folks, SEVENTY-FIVE to NINETY-FIVE POUNDS STERLING. Well you know what Tom Waits? Fuck that.

Not even for you Tom

As a point of comparison, for the reasonable sum of £65 this summer I will be seeing Orthodox, Oxbow, Gravetemple feat. Julian Cope, Kikuri feat. Merzbow and Kaiji Haino, Thrones, Dälek , Red Sparrowes, Harvey Milk, Oren Ambarchi, Justice Yeldham, Asva, Earth, Guapo (and those THIRTEEN ACTS are just the ones I already know) and many others at the three day Supersonic Festival in Birmingham.

So Tom Waits, I guess I won’t be seeing you live any time soon. I’ll still buy your music though because it is awesome.

2 thoughts on “Wha’ Happened?

  1. The Supersonic festival lineup has me drooling out both sides of my mouth. If only there was a North American avant/experimental rock festival anywhere near that caliber.


  2. And as if that wasn’t enough, Mike Patton and the Melvins are joint curating the All Tomorrow’s Parties Nightmare Before Christmas this year. Fantomas doing Director’s Cut in full, Isis, Zu, Dälek (again), The Locust, Big Business and Neil Hamburger.

    That’s literally a 100% hit rate already.


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