TF2 Pyro Update Part Two

Actually I take back what I said in that previous post.

The weeks after the medic unlocks was bad, but the week after the pyro has been much worse. Literally 50% of players on public servers are pyros, meaning a) you get burned to death every 10 seconds and b) doing your job as a pyro has become significantly harder.

As someone who plays TF2 for the fun of it, I like to feel like I’m doing something useful for the team. Being one of six pyros is not useful. So instead I must play as another class in order to feel useful, and then proceed to get burnt to death every ten seconds by three pyros at once. I can only imagine the poor spy players who basically can’t play right now because of these spray happy unlock-obsessed non-pyro pyro assholes.

Regular pyrosshould be happy about having new weapons to unlock, a reward for their work in one of the more undervalued classes right? Well, I’m not happy, I’m angry.

Teamplay in TF2 functions by having a range of classes, each specialised in one area. When one of these classes is more heavily used, the teamplay suffers, and I don’t know, teamplay seems like it might be important in a game that’s called Team Motherfucking Fortress. The motherfucking is silent.

After the Pyro pack was released, the influx of medics vanished. Looks like now I’ll have to wait for the next pack before I get back to my primary class and earn these weapons that I rightfully deserve. The sick thing is of course that I probably achieved 90% of the achievements long before they were made into achievments, and now that they are, I can’t get them because everyone else is.

Next time valve, more than one at a time maybe?

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