Each Night (No Light)

Portentous landscape

Late in the hours of her crest arising
Then I will rest my weary frame alone
And so each night I dream of home
In deep hues painted dark and rich
But no light pours twitch my blue curtains
Not even that which shines from her face
And I know I should take this as a grace
But I can’t help myself but taste betrayed

Much as she sinks her sweet head I rise
But know morning’s just a revolving door
A recumbent sigh as my feet scratch the floor
It throws vague forms across my curtain
Shadows animate their practised narratives
Tiny gestures towards another morning sun
The debris of yesterday still mourn as one
Over the loss of the beautiful grey light

Another one borne on creeping stairs
Slips down and stares at the kitchen door
Fifteenth time for those keeping score
Creaks a smile and always it turns away
And as I lay at his cold mercy I recall
I sold my family behind the chair
In exchange myself be spared
Twenty years gone and vivid still

-29th June 2008

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