Buy some Murky Hand Dice

I’d hate to be one of those “here, I came across this on the internet, y’all should take a look” kind of guys, so I won’t be.

However, I do love to be one of those “hey, look at this piece of crap I did for no reason” kind of guys.

So, this is a post about my Cafepress store which you can visit here, here, here, here or here. But not here.

You can buy items such as this bumper sticker ($3.99):


Or a set of cards featuring my under-used cartoon skeleton Count Boney (10 for $16.00, 20 for $25.00):

Happy new vaginal yeast infection to one and all.

Or, if you prefer, how about this lovely ladies undergarment ($10.00, available in small, medium and LARGE):

This gag is classy.

And also available is my book, which was compiled in 2004 of short stories and crap.

For some reason, nobody has bought anything from my shop in over three years. Come on people, this is high class merchandise. And don’t worry about the credit crunch, because if you worry about it YOU’RE GOING TO MAKE IT WORSE YOU FUCKING MORONS. So actually, buying these products (and indeed any products) will help reverse the economic difficulties of the Western hemisphere. You don’t want to let everyone down do you? DO YOU?

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