An Unfilmed Idea

This is an idea for a series of sketches that have never been filmed, designed to take the form of those short performances of classical music I remember from television. Each piece was introduced by the performer, and then was played. These pieces were usually piano or organ works as I recall. These are loving pastiches of these vignettes.

Cardinal Christensen’s Piano Concerto No. 4

“Cardinal Christensen was born in Florence in 1789. He learned piano and cello as a child, and began his career in the so-called noble art of composition at 14 with a concerto for two violins. Tragically he died on his twenty-eighth birthday, aged twenty-eight, leaving his third symphony, the so-called Symphony No. 5 incomplete. Here now is the short form version of his second piano concerto, which Christensen referred to as a love poem to his new wife’s sister, entitled Piano Concerto No. 4.”

Yarvin Tzhimettzi’s Iunken Suite

“Yarvin Tzhimettzi was born in 1903 in Bombay. He left Bombay in 1920 for the United States, where he became exposed to the music of Edgar Varèse. He became heavily involved in electronic music and in 1932 composed his first masterwork Iunken, a suite for two telephones and a glass of water. In 1934 he revisited this instrumentation in a follow-up entitled Iunken II, and three years after that he produced the third and final Iunken suite, Iunken III. This, then, is the original Iunken, performed on painstakingly replicated versions of Tzhimettzi’s original instruments.”

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