Mu(esli that’ll make you )sic(k)

With one thing or another, I’ve sometimes been forced to, and sometimes had to force myself, to take a break from my recording activities for the past month or so. In this time I’ve rethought some of the methods regarding the compositional aspect of my current Asphixiator project Homophonies.

Once I start a musical project, if I spend too long on it, I find my interest wanes, or my focus drifts and that prevents me from getting anything out there, or for it to end up not living up to my initial plans. However, with Homophonies an interesting new trend started to develop. I’ve found myself working on pieces for the project, that have developed into pieces more suited to my other projects – completely unintentionally.

I think the problem has been my methodology for Asphixiator, the process of trying to hack out a shape within loosely defined parameters has backfired, with the parameters being too wide in this case. For this one I seem to need more than the essence of a piece, I need the structure, the temporal boundaries, the instrumental palette, and in some places even the actual notes (I know, shocking).

So I have taken the decision to re-record the work from scratch using any existing versions as a guide. I also want to try and spend an equal amount of individual time on each piece, to give it proper attention instead of trying to do them all at once. On top of this, due to my near-future engagement in studies at the SAE (School of Audio Engineering), I intend to hold back on the mixing and mastering till I’ve ‘learned the boards’ a little, so to speak, and hopefully use this particular project as a test in that respect.

Regarding developments in other projects, Cluster8 seems to be at a standstill, I’ve somewhat tired of the old approach, and my new approach seems derivative and hacky, so time to let it go for a while I think. I still want to do it, it’s just a matter of working out a way to do it the way I feel it should be (which itself changes as time goes by – one of the downsides).

The big new Snowman Made of Mud project seems to be on the horizon though. Hopefully I’ll expand and improve the production quality on this one, especially with the SAE equipment at my disposal. The concept as it exists is for two large pieces, each the length of a side of vinyl, each a mirror of the other, and to compliment this, a smaller EP with three or four shorter tracks, related thematically but stylistically very different to the longer pieces. This conception came actually several years ago, at the tail end of work on Diluvia, while a part of one of the pieces was written as far back as early 2005. The idea is that the longer pieces be spacious, almost fluid structures, very much based on the ebb and flow of sounds, while the smaller pieces should be more song-like, more concise and with a warmer feel. Not to draw musical comparisons to these bands because they’re simply the first to pop into my head and I’m 99.9% certain the result with sound nothing like them at all, but in pure production terms the LP in intended to be more grand, more epic, like say Radiohead; while the EP would preferably more intimate, more like the last William Shatner album, of all things, except probably more jagged sounding, like Tom Waits maybe. The working titles are redhandsblacksun for the LP and Dead Leaves Over Pylon Field for the EP.

And I don’t know why I tell this to the internet, I know nobody cares. I guess it’s just nice to pretend. Ah well.

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