A Sitcom

While writing my previous post, I was thinking about some of my abandoned projects and ideas that litter my brain and constantly plague me. Perhaps I should simply dump them here instead of letting them fester in private.

As such, I thought I’d throw up this little screenplay I wrote for an odd kind of half-hour comedy-drama sitcom type thing, which is vaguely in the vein of Spaced or Peep Show. Since I know it’s never going to get made, I guess I should put it out there. It’s a full script mind, in the right formatting, so it’s 46 pages long (although only 5634 words). I’d also call this the second draft, it’s far from complete.


The concept for the show was that each successive episode would be weirder than the previous one, as the mental health of the character of Martin deteriorated. Several further episodes have outlines, but I don’t think I’ll write them up any time soon.

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