NaNoWriMo is Over…

… and I missed the mark by 38,000 words. Excellent.

A series of things contributed to my failure this year, perhaps indicating that the attempt to reconcile the mythology of The Greater Temple of the Future into a narrative text is too big a task for me. Especially when the mythology is constantly changing.

For example, I went into the book thinking “okay, so the Temple was founded in 1946,” and then later decided “actually, it’d be even more awesome if it was 1846, because that’s pre-American Civil War,” and then realised “shit, I don’t even known when the Civil War was…” and then “wait, so if this all happened 150 years prior to now, when is the supposed missing history supposed to occur?” shortly followed by “and wait… What the fuck does this have to do with these Reptiles?” and then most worryingly “AND WHAT THE FUCK DOES THIS HAVE TO DO WITH THE ACTUAL NARRATIVE I’VE BEEN WRITING SINCE THE START ABOUT A MURDER INVESTIGATION ANDWHYDOIONLYHAVETENDAYSLEFTTOFIXTHESEMAJORPROBLEMS?”

Anyway, here it is, in its raw unedited form, complete with unfinished strands and ideas and notes I never fully developed. Discern from it what you will, as I continue to wrestle with the concepts in my head for NO GOOD REASON. Watch, as a reasonably straightforward narrative dissolves into hitherto unseen levels of gibberish-poetry and a lugubrious glossolalial wankfest (much like this sentence (ooh, I’m so meta… sigh))

Lacerta Imperator Universum

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