Two Thousand and Nine Anno Domini

Happy New Year.

Oh, and as I sit in anticipation of the forthcoming last 10 episodes of Battlestar Galactica (which has been the single greatest television experience in my life) I thought I should put my little theories out there now before things kick into gear in a week. WARNING: Only click to read more if you’re up to speed – and if you’re not then you really should do something about that as soon as possible, because this is one hell of a TV show.

Final Cylon? Gaeta? Baltar? Kara? Adama? Roslin? My guess is a bit more out there but bear with me (speaking of bear, special mention goes out here to Bear McCreary, the show’s composer, and whose BSG soundtrack albums have been blowing my mind for over a year). I believe, based on the clues presented here, that the Final Cylon is Kara Thrace’s father. Why? Here’s why:

In an early Season 2 episode Valley of Darkness, Kara and Helo are in Kara’s appartment on Caprica, and Kara puts on some music that she says is her father playing piano. The music is a Philip Glass piece from the Solo Piano album, although in the BSG universe there is no Phlip Glass. Then, at the end of Season 3, we have the All Along the Watchtower/Four Cylon mindfrak, combined with the ongoing Opera House visions of several characters, indicating that music is somehow important to the mythology of the show. Thus the fact that Kara’s father is apparently a composer or musician, and is the only person pointed out to be such could well be important in some way.

Next, you have the ongoing problem of Kara’s destiny. What is it? What does it mean? Who or what is she? Kara’s mother is depicted (especially in Maelstorm) out as guiding Kara and preparing her for her destiny without knowing what it was. Perhaps Kara’s father knew what her destiny was, because she was a Human-Cylon Hybrid. The first known Cylon-Human child Hera has been a symbol of some importance in the show since the very beginning, but it hasn’t been fully established why. If Kara was a hybrid, that might explain her apparent resurrection and destiny, and might also begin to explain the importance of Hera, that Hera may have a destiny of her own.

Regarding Kara’s trip to Earth, some of the things she talks about seeing do not match up with what we know of Earth either here in our reality (its apparent location in a trinary-star system for one, unless that was the three basestars) or in the context of the show, which leads me to believe her destiny is not to take the people to Earth, but instead to a new world, a world the former inhabitants of Earth themselves fled to. Curiously enough, Alpha Centauri and Proxima Centauri form a trinary-star system, and this is the closest star system to our own Solar System.

Perhaps Alpha Centauri is where they should be headed, perhaps this is the true promised land for not only the people of the 12 colonies, but also the people of the 13th? After all, there’s no way they’re going to spend 10 episodes orbitting around Earth fighting amonst themselves waiting for the remains of the enemy Cylon fleet to turn up.

The remaining Number 3 states quite calmly and specifically in Revelations that there are only four of the Final Five Cylons in the Colonial Fleet. Assuming this is the truth (quite an assumption at this point) that limits the options somewhat. It has been established that Kara’s father left her mother when Kara was young, and that Kara inherited some of his artistic ability. Plausibly, Kara’s father could be dead, or somehow resurrected somewhere in waiting for the arrival of his daughter and the people she has led into the promised land following his guidance.

The other interesting possibility this throws out there is that the Final Cylon hard-coded Kara’s destiny into her. Perhaps she returned to Caprica not just to collect the Arrow of Apollo, but also to find Anders and eventually bring him to the fleet. Perhaps it was her destiny to die, within range of the “promised land” where the Final Cylon would return her to the fleet with knowledge of Earth which would in turn re-awaken the Four in the fleet in the form of music (that her father composed?). Perhaps everything that occured on their journey was the result of her influence, in place of her absent father – after all, she is indirectly responsible for the death of Billy, thus bringing Tory close to President Roslin; she is responsible for encouraging the rescue mission to Caprica; she is responsible for the current alliance between the Cylons and the Humans…

This theory, while it has some major holes, does have the potential to answer some of the major questions. Of course major holes exist in every theory I’ve heard thus far, and these could well be explained in the final ten episodes.

Either that or, it’s Ol’ Peg-a-leg Felix Gaeta.

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