Someone to Watch Over Me

Spoiler yet again: BSG Episode “Someone to Watch Over Me”

Now THAT is much more like it. The pistons are firing on full now. Kara’s fate, although not yet revealed in full, is tied directly to the Final Five, to Anders’ music, her father (who is important as I predicted, but perhaps not in the ways I had assumed), Hero, and the STILL unseen power that is pulling all the strings. Kara’s father’s tape is a live recording from an opera house, according to the cover, linking itself to the visions of the final five, Hera, Six and Baltar, as experienced by Caprica Six, Roslin and Athena.

This combined with the absurdly cool twist of the narrative combining with the incredible score by Bear McCreary (and I have been lapping up the soundtrack albums for over a year). In this case the piano composition of Kara’s father, and the twisted melody from the BSG version of All Along the Watchtower intertwined and organically strewn about a bed of tinkling detuned piano… Wonderful. Indeed, my single favourite moment of BSG was the climax of Season 3, where in one single act the four of the Final Five Cylons come together as the fleet recovers from a temporary power loss leaving them floating in space, and Kara comes back from the dead while the Cylons attack , and then, just for good measure, we pan all the way out and in again to reveal that YES, EARTH DOES EXIST, AND WE ARE GOING THERE. And the reason that was so beautiful to me, was that it combined a series of monumental plot elements with an incredibly musical cue whose lyrics seem to reveal great cosmic significance, as though there really was something going on beyond the remnants of humanity struggling through crisis after crisis… It was perfectly pitched as a season finale.

And here in this episode, my patience is rewarded, as some of the loose threads relating to these plotpoints and the series mythology as a whole are indeed being gathered up, and the mythical significance of All Along the Watchtower is slowly being brought into focus.

I think I’m beginning to see what’s going on. Galactica (the ship) is dying, insomuch as a giant antiquated machine can die. I’m beginning to think of Galactica as the prophecy’s dying leader. Assuming this to be the case, the fact that the prophecy claimed the dying leader would not live to see the promised land sheds some light on Roslin’s survival of their visit to Earth. Galactica has served as the lead ship of the rag tag fleet for its entire existence, and perhaps the crew will have to finally abandon the old girl in order to make it to their promised land, wherever or whatever that may be. Perhaps the Cylons thought the promised land was the world they called Earth, as did the fleet, but it turns out it was not. They stopped before they reached the end of their journey and so were doomed from the start. Much the same happened on New Caprica.

I’m assuming therefore, that Galactica will suffer a fate similar to Pegasus, while the surviving population of the fleet will, in this act of sacrifice, somehow reach their final destination. Whether that destination is our Earth, some other planet, or a more metaphysical end such as crossing beyond death and making it to heaven, that remains to be seen. My gut tells me they will reach the true Earth, not the one the original Cylons named and colonised, but one related to the Lords of Kobol and the prophecies of Pythia. I could make more predictions, but at this point I’m happy to go along on the ride to see wherever it ends up.

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