May 2009 in Music

Holy crap Batman. The Dark Knight is so overrated.

The posthumous last ever Khanate album. The excerpt I just heard on Hydra Head is so shockingly awesome that I literally vomited. And by literally, I obviously mean figuratively, in a thinly veiled reference to sports commentators (GET A REAL JOB YOU HIPPIES!).

New Sunn O))), with Eyvind Kang, Dylan Carlson, Atilla Csihar and other folks. When I heard they were making this record a couple of Christmases back I had no idea Eyvind Kang was involved. If I had I think my brain might have exploded, which would have prevented me from enjoying its eventual release. As it happens the blow was cushioned by the news that¬† it’s coming out in the near future.

Big Business return at last, almost a year after the last Melvins record. Maybe it’s blasphemous to say, but I think I like Big Business more than I like the Mevlins. Awesome couple songs on the myspace.

Isis. You know, Isis. Apparently Tool’s Adam Jones is on it, but it’s not like I’ll notice his contribution. People fawn over the Justin Chancellor bass on Panopticon, but quite frankly it seems to me like an Isis bassline as usual. Anyway, that’s beside the point, it’s fucking Isis, one assumes it’ll sound like Isis, as it well should.

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