Dollhouse (and TV in general)

News just came in that Dollhouse, against all the odds, has in fact been renewed for a Season 2. This is excellent news because the show, although it started a bit flat, really kicked into gear about halfway through the season. Now that Joss Whedon has found his feet on this one, I’m looking forward to seeing what surprises Season 2 will hold. One caveat is that apparently the budget has been reduced and apparently it’s only another 13 episodes, and it’s still in its deathly timeslot. But hey, it’s something.

Also looking forward immensely to Fringe Season 2, the show JJ Abrams kicked off with his go-to writers Robert Orci and Alex Kurtzman. This season finale was a mind-bending twist on an already mind-bending season. This show is like the X Files on some kind of unspecified drugs. Monster of the week, conspiracy, secret cults, and strange phenomona that can’t be explained away by Scully’s dismissive scientific spiel at the end of each episode. And now, all the pieces are up in the air and it’s hard to see where they will land.

Oh, and Lost’s “white flash” as they’re calling it… As far as cliffhangers go, this one is approaching BSG’s Reveleations. Hard to see where to go from here, and apparently 8 months till it starts up again for the final run. Particularly intriguided to find out the role of <BLEEP>, and if events in the <BLEEP> will influence and change events in the <BLEEP>.

Exciting stuff really.

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