I Hate Jeans

Yes, that’s right. I hate jeans. But why? Oh I’ll tell you why.

I hate the ubiquity of a lot of popular culture. I hate jeans because when I go for a walk, and see many people, as many as 4 out of every 5 is wearing some form of jeans. I’ve only owned two pairs of jeans and the first were too big for me when I got them so I never wore them beyond trying them on, and they ended up in a charity bag, while the other pair were black jeans that I found uncomfortable and didn’t wear much.

I wear non-denim jeans – or as they’re more commonly known – trousers . In fact, I actually don’t own any denim clothes at all. And I’m proud that I don’t insomuch as it means I’m expressing my taste in clothing through my clothing. Although I’m pretty sure the only statement I’m making with my fashion sense is “Hello, I’m dull and I quite like a band you don’t know.”

It’s the same thing with tea, or mobile phones. I resent the idea that they’re everywhere. It’s irrational and ridiculous, but hello my name is Mr. Irrationalandridiculous, pleased to meet you. And I realise this puts me in seemingly a very small minority, but hello my name is Mr. Alwaystryingtobedifferentfornodiscernablereason Irrationalandridiculous, pleased to meet you.

4 thoughts on “I Hate Jeans

  1. I am always being different now as I hate to be stuck in the same lines and it works for me. So go you! Am also well a published author now so that makes life easier so to speak. I think its great to be different as long as you are true to yourself. I’m now a huge believer in being true to one self. Pix x


  2. I’m right behind you, I hate jeans so much. And this is no joke: when I thinking on them my penis got hurting, and one time I try them and than happands the same! that is why I hate them.


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