Hey America…

So, some Americans have called for a boycott against Scotland. I wonder if these people could even point to Scotland on a map. With labels. And a big red border around Scotland. And a man pointing at it and shouting “IT’S RIGHT THERE YOU IDIOT!”

Last time I was in America, we were asked, “where are you guys from?”

Of course we replied, “Scotland.”

To which the Disney Employee replied, “isn’t that in England?” with no hint of irony (it being a foreign concept and all).

Anyway, hate to break it to you America, maybe you ought to look into your own pre 9/11 history regarding terrorism before you go condemning us. But hey, like that’s going to happen. You guys sure don’t like to re-examine recent history for a rational and unbiased opinion – that just gets in the way of The Message, right Glenn Beck?

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