Site downtime

Well, the site was down for a while there, my hosts had a catastrophic failure on the server the site was on. Been moved to a different server.

Bunch of stuff in the pipeline, half-finished, somewhat hampered by my day-by-day search for employment. All these ads that read “No experience necessary as full training will be given”, what they really mean is “We’re pretending no experience is necessary to increase the volume of applicants, but we do of course eliminate those with no experience because we’re not idiots”.

Anyway, onward and upward. Selling some stuff on eBay. Just sold four guitar pedals. The only one I’ll really miss is the Feedbacker, but it’s not like I really used the thing with any great regularity. In fact, I’m just about to leave to go post two of the pedals. Might not go to the local post-office though, as the staff there are thickly-accented Indian-subcontinental Asians who I cannot understand, and who cannot understand me, filling the conversation with lots of “Sorry?” and “what?” etc. Also, it’s closed.

Speaking of racism, there’s some posters up by in Cessnock for “Love Music, Hate Racism” which got me thinking what if there was “Hate Music, Love Racism”. Seems to me like you’re not going to trick people who like music into not being racists – the two don’t seem mutually exclusive.

Anyway, enough of that crap.

I’m 13,000 words into Nanowrimo09 by the way, but I’d hesitate to call whatever it is I’m writing a novel.

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