Lost again…

Okay, so my theory wasn’t so original, but boy is it turning out to be true.

Note: Spoilers only for people not up to date.

Specifically, every episode has featured, in the sideways world, a main character looking in a mirror in some way. I’m beginning to think this is something of a red herring, simply a cool “mirror” image play.

But, I do have another theory! Well okay, it works two ways. Quite simply, the sideways timeline, does actually tie up with the main timeline, though not as some have postulated, after the main timeline ends, but in between the ’77 nuke and the return to 2007. What? Bear with me.

Essentially, the bomb kills all of the Losties in ’77 and the reset occurs, so that in 2004 the plane flies over the island as it did previously. Yet, everything has course corrected in that timeline. Things that had happened on the island are now happening off the island. It’s not identical, but there is enough of a parallel. Anyway, essentially, at the end of the sideways timeline, some event occurs which actually resets the timeline back to 2007, to after the Ajira Flight landing. It’s possible that the events of 2004-2007 carry on in the sideways, until the island re-emerges from the water, or potentially from the original timeline at some point before the Ajira landing, meaning that any events between 2004 and 2007 in the main timeline have ceased to exist for anyone not currently on the island.

Actually, no,that makes no sense at all. None. Never mind.

See, the sensible thing to assume at this point is that the sideways happen as a result of whatever the final conflict turns out to be. Locke says that he can bring people back, can allow everyone to see their dead loved ones again. Quite how he does this, if indeed he does, remains to be seen, but what is already clear is that somebody does something, which changes everything.

So Desmond is back this coming week. Hooray. I’m not all that excited about it if I’m totally honest, mostly because Desmond’s S5 was a bit pointless, and at this stage I can’t imagine how he’s even involved in the final stretch. The predominant theory is that Desmond can flash not just backwards and forwards in time, but in some way might be able to flash into the sideways timeline, and is in some way a link between the two worlds. What that actually means going forward, I have no idea. Unless of course, Desmond has to use the Island to get back into the sideways, in order to end that timeline (because of course, in that timeline, Widmore does not have the island, and certain things are not the way Widmore wants them to be.

Man, my brain hurts. Guess I’ll just go back to enjoying the ride.

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