Lost S06E11 “Happily Ever After”

So, I had a notion that I’d turn my hand to doing a little recap of the last few Lost. Mostly to see if I can. So as to save anyone not up to speed, I’m hiding the recap behind the jump. Pictures and everything. Woo.

So, for those of you that followed me down the hole, here goes nothing.

Happily Ever After?

So this was a Desmond-centric episode, which usually means some kind of weird space-time paradoxical mischief is abound. And so dear viewer, this episode is no exception. But this episode, for whatever reason, initially left a slightly weird taste in my mouth, until I watched it through a second time. We’ll get to that shortly. For now, recap.

Back to the Island

So, Charles Widmore brought Desmond back to The Island, except of course, he’s on Hydra Island, not The Island but let’s not get too picky here.  The point is, Desmond is back on the show, and he was taken to the island under sedation, so he has no bloody clue what’s going on brother. Welcome to the club. Nobody on this damn island knows what’s going on.

So, Jin is all like “what’s Desmond doing here Mr. Widmore sir?” and Widmore is all like “It’d be easier if I just showed you…” NO IT WOULDN’T. STOP SAYING THAT. ONE OF THESE DAYS WHY DON’T YOU JUST TELL US SOMETHING WHEN WE ASK GODSDAMMIT! Ugh. Yes, yes, I know dramatic convention dictates you don’t give away the entire plot of an episode in the first five minutes, but it seems to me like every time someone says “I’ll tell you later, right now, I’m busy,” we never do actually find out. Little tiresome if I’m honest.

Anyway, back to the episode. Mysterious Zoe takes the ever-bewildered Jin to a big building with a generator, where they test a pair of giant electromagnets in a wooden shack, with fatal consequences for one unlucky red-shirt. Then they immediately drag Desmond out there. Hey don’t you worry though, the perpetually unstuck-in-time Desmond can survive. Remember the Swan? No?

Widmore offers Desmond a chance to save everyone from some as-yet-unexplained doesn’t-sound-all-that-terrible fate, and Desmond is understandably uncooperative at first. Desmond gets locked in the box, and Widmore turns on the freaky super-magnets and then FLASH!

Desmond is in LAX.



So our Desmond jumped into the sideways world the same way he jumped into his past? Seems so. Except this time he doesn’t immediately recall his future, or alternate life. This Desmond turns out to be a lonely hard-working but well-appreciated Widmore lackey. No Penny, no baby Charlie.

Brief crossovers with Hurley and pregnant Claire, and next thing you know, George Minkowski is driving him about in a limo. If you forgot who he was, he died in The Constant, evidently as a result of the same crazy time-lapse sickness that affected Desmond. Anyway, Minkowski drives him to the office of his employer, and we meet Desmond’s boss, Widmore, with a fond hug and a big ominous trombone slide.

Turns out Charlie Pace, of the band Driveshaft, is required for Widmore’s son Daniel Widmore’s concert arranged by Eloise Widmore combining classical and rock (what is this, 1969? Did prog-rock never happen in this time-line?). Unfortunately enough, as it turns out, Our Mr. Pace is being held by police. Widmore asks Desmond a favour, and acts a little creepy and courteous.

So Des picks up Charlie from the Courthouse steps, where he proceeds to continue to act suicidally. A discussion over a drink in the bar across the street, and we discover that Charlie is in love with a woman that he briefly saw as he was choking to death in the bathroom of Oceanic 815. Claire? Did Charlie catch a flash of his other life, on the island? Undetermined, but signs point to yes. And if this is so, does that mean that when you die in one world, you cross over to the other? Interesting development that kind of ties into that theory I posited a couple of days ago, and kind of blows the theory apart.

As they’re driving off to the event, Desmond doesn’t believe Charlie’s near-death-epiphany, so Charlie helps him out by taking the wheel, swerving the car off the road, through a car park and over the edge and into the water. For some reason Desmond seems not to brake, but instead to accelerate upon seeing the water ahead. Bad move. Splish!

Desmond Sees…

Sinking fast Desmond fails to unbuckle Charlie, goes up for air, dives back down to the car, where Charlie, with creepy determination in his eyes, presses his hand against the window and FLASH! Not Penny’s boat. Desmond remembers, for a split second, Charlie’s final message. Intriguing.

Desmond saves Charlie, and then end up in a hospital. They’re checking out poor Desmond and he ends up getting an MRI. Big magnets firing round his head. Guess what happens? Give up? FLASH! BEFORE HIS EYES. Desmond sees Charlie again, then he sees Penny. Their son Charlie. His other life. He panics. Good thing they gave him a button for that.

He runs into Doctor Giggles (aka. Jack) while trying to find Charlie, and they reminisce at little, “Hey, remember that time we were on a plane brother, and I sat next to you for all of three minutes?” No island-flash of Jack so Desmond doesn’t make that connection. Charlie then interrupts their heartfelt reunion by running down the corridor like a loony.

When Desmond catches up to him and corners him, Charlie refuses to comply with Widmore’s wishes, and Desmond is suitably freaked out by the whole situation. So he finally drives to the big Widmore Mother-Son event thing, and we meet sideways Eloise, who turns out to be not as much of an monster as everyone keeps making out. That said, when they meet she looks at Desmond with a visible sense of “Oh no…” He apologises, but it turns out she’s not at all concerned about the Driveshaft no-show.

Desmond overhears a seating plan, specifically the name “Penny”, and asks to see the list, at which point Eloise gets a little upset, and then they have the weirdest conversation, in which she more or less confirms that the very nature of this particular reality is false, constructed to be what he wants. Fair enough. But why can’t he see a seating plan for a garden concert? He’s “not ready” apparently. Sometime extremely fishy is going on.

But wait, no time to ponder that, it’s Widmore, Daniel Widmore. Our crazy quantum-physicist is, in the sideways, not a scientist at all, but a musician. Still wearing that tie. Still got a crush on Charlotte, you know, who works in that museum just over there. This time though, he has a hat. Then he takes it off.

Please-Call-Me-Dan pulls out his crazy notebook, and lo-and-behold, a weird diagram he wrote half-asleep, which seems to show the intersection and divergence of various timelines, real space, imaginary time, object @ light speed, crazy equations. He has no idea what it means of course. Clearly Daniel has flashed into his knowledge. Lots of crossing back and forth going on.

Then, Daniel points out that Penny, she’s his half-sister. So Desmond goes to meet her at… The stadium where he met Jack? Wha? But guess what folks, FLASH!

Back to the Island… Again…

And Desmond’s back in the magnet-shack, and now he suddenly totally on board with the Widmore plan, whatever that is. He seems oddly vacant. Blank slate. Enter ninja Sayid, who kills the guards escorting Desmond, sparing Zoe, you know, because she’s a named role, and then suggests Desmond comes with him. Desmond is like “Sure, whatever you say, crazy Arab.” He doesn’t even care. He’s at peace with something.

Back in the sideways Desmond schedules a coffee date with Penny, indicating that in the sideways, he might get everything he wants after all. Then he gets back in the limo and tells Minkowski he needs the passenger manifest for 815 so he can “show them something.”

Wait, you mean in the Widmore sense, or the Charlie sense… Interesting question, but it does kind of hit home a point that this season keeps ending on very cryptic and vague THUD points. Though not as ridiculous as Recon’s “We’re taking the sub…” I’m still finding it a little irritating that they tack on these things at the very last second.

Anyway, that’s my recap. Now for some extraneous thoughts and postulating.

So, Where Next?

So, first time through, confused as hell. Second time through, it makes more sense, but still, it’s ambiguous about a lot of things. Clearly we have learned one major thing. Both of these worlds are, And one of them should not be. Also, they are connected. In fact, it seems observation is possible by several people, at least from the sideways into the original, though in the original, Desmond’s the only one to crossover so far.

Where do we go from here? Do we even know where we are? Here’s my take on that. We have three camps now.

  1. The beach-campers, who want to stop the Man in Black from getting off the island, in order to prevent everyone in the world “going to hell”.
  2. The jungle-campers, led by the Man in Black, aka Locke, who wants to get off the island, and is promising to take anyone who wants to come with him.
  3. Widmore’s Hydra Island sub-crew, who want to stop Man in Black from leaving, possibly in order to prevent the flash-sideways timeline from existing, though that is unconfirmed.

Now, apparently Widmore wants to use the one or more of the island’s various powers, via Desmond, to prevent Locke’s departure. Meanwhile, the Jacob-oriented beachfolk rather more pragmatically simply aim to destroy any available method of transport.

But Desmond has apparently been captured by Locke, so Widmore’s plan comes screeching to a halt, meanwhile the beachers (running out of nicknames for that group) don’t really know what to do next. Indeed, Jack, Richard, Ben, Sun and Ilana, all seem to have had massive breakdowns and quite frankly just seem sick of it all. Poor Frank and Miles are there, but are basically just hanging about waiting for something to happen. At this point, it seems like they’ll just die of boredom while everyone else runs about like loons.

It’s nice to see the course corrections of the sideways world, resulting in returns for just about everyone who ever died on the show, but I definitely feel better about them knowing that there is some tangible connection to the original world, as well as a way to cross between. Are both Desmonds on the same mission? Does he need some or all of them to cross one way, or the other? What’s love got to do, got to do with it?

None of these answers and more, next week on Lost…

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