Flashforward, here’s why you don’t make sense:

It’s remarkably simple. In Flashforward, they become very quickly aware of the time and date of the flashforward, and supposedly Mark is aware that in his flashforward, he is investigating the flashforward itself. Fair enough. Except, wouldn’t almost everyone be made aware, by media coverage, that the moment of the flashforward is approaching, and wouldn’t a least a significant proportion of people be aware that they were living through that particular moment? Wouldn’t they then avoid doing anything for that moment, or perhaps even try to specifically avoid doing what happened in their flashforward? How come almost nobody in the flashforward seems to be aware that they are living out that flashforward moment right now, or be aware in the flashforward that there even was a flashforward in the first place?

Got a headache yet? Spoilers beyond the jump.

It’s also irritating that now people are suddenly remembering HUGELY important details from their flashforwards that were not previously mentioned. Lloyd talking to Mark on the phone saying there’s going to another flashforward, the whole QED=Quantum Entanglement Device shtick, some retarded formula just lying around. We don’t even know what Lloyd and Simon were doing when they “accidentally” “enhanced” the flashforward incident (itself a ridiculous cop-out) or where they worked. This show is being made up as it goes along, that much is painfully obvious. If you create a show with a fixed future-event, you have to at least plan as far as that, especially when you’re going to actually show that at the very beginning of the show.

Also, “I dreamt there were no more good days,” and “D. Gibbons is a bad man…” This show really overplays the mysterious kid-who-has-seen-things angle, and the stuff they write for it is so corny and awful sounding that it really brings the show down. This show is full of really rubbish faux-mysterious language like that. You can tell they’re constantly trying for a version of the numbers from Lost, but they don’t seem capable of following through on any of their mysteries, often introducing and, investigating and solving them within the space of a single epsiode, only for them to be completely forgotten about next week. The ones that don’t get resolved, right away, the cliffhangers, the straggling threads, they get resolved in one episode some time down the line, often simply by one character just coming out and explaining it all. No finesse whatsoever.

In Lost, the numbers connection, via Hurley, became part of a larger mystery, which itself becomes part of an even greater mystery, little clues and connections appearing here and there as the show progresses. In Flashforward, it’s introduced that someone was awake during the flashforward. Then we find out, it was Simon. Oh, and apparently he had no idea what was going on. Also, he was brought there for no reason whatsoever. Now we don’t care about that anymore. Another mystery, the identity of the ever-illusive D. Gibbons, was recently reveald by one character flat out telling another character “yeah he’s a guy named Dyson Frost”, from which point on, Dyson Frost is suddenly cropping everywhere. Way to squander, Flashforward.

Flashforward is looking unlikely to get renewed. I’ll keep watching to the end of the season, but the show’s many plot threads are spinning wildly out of all sense. Given the talent involved, it’s disappointingly looking more and more like a trainwreak as the weeks go by. And a ridiculous four month hiatus killed the ratings, so there’s almost no chance for a second season turnaround. If this show gets cancelled, then I won’t really miss it.

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