Lost Episode S6E12 “Everybody Loves Hugo” Recap

So here’s my recap, a little late, but WHATEVER. No-one cares, right?

So, it’s Dr. Chang, looking fairly young considering he should have aged at least 27 years since his last appearance, introducing the illustrious and titular Mr. Reyes. Nice. Turns out sideways-Hurley is a super-nice guy, with nothing but good luck. Well, except in the love department, as his ever-hilarious mother points out. “Everybody loves ‘ugo. You know who doesn’t? Women.” So he gets set up on a blind-date.

Back on the island, Hurley’s talking to Libby’s grave, and reveals that Libby has not come to him since her death. Ilana walks in with her fantastic lets-go-get-dynamite plan. She leaves and Michael’s ghost shows up from the swirling cloud of whispers to shout at Hurley. Turns out Hurley’s going to get everyone killed.


Apparently Michael thinks Hurley is leadership material, but hopes he won’t lead everyone to their deaths. Then Jack walks in so Michael c-c-c-c-clears off.

Now sideways Hurley, or simply Hugo, is at the restaurant waiting on his blind-date to show up. Then who walks up? Why, it’s only LIBBY. Hurley thinks it’s his date, but disappointingly discovers he’s not so lucky this time. Then Libby says they’re totally soulmates or something which confuses Hugo. He’s even more confused when a dude walks over and is all like “Dude, sorry about this, Libby is totally nuts.” Also, the dude just happens to be Dr. Brooks, from Santa Rosa Mental Health Institution. Poor Hugo.

On the island, Ilana arrives with a bag full of dynamite and explains the plan to destroy the plane in order to protect the candidates. She’s quite adamant. Hurley thinks it’s stupid because if they destroy the plane then they’re stuck on the island with the monster, and he’s going to be sooooo mad at them. But Ilana says “trust me, I know what I’m doing. Just let me put this HEAVY BOTTLE OF WATER in this bag full of UNSTABLE DYNAMITE, and then I will DROP THE BAG on the sand here…”


Thus ends the sorry tale of Ilana.

Meanwhile, somewhere else on the island, Sawyer is moaning at Locke. Locke explains he needs everyone to leave, and that they need to wait. Just then Zombie Sayid walks in for a private chat with Locke, after a brief walk, Sayid reveals his big find. You know, Desmond, from last episode, tied to a tree.

Back at the beach-camp, Hurley goes through Ilana’s stuff, finds the Jacob ash bag. Richard reveals his new plan. Turns out the new plan is the same as the old plan. Dyn-o-mite!

Sideways time! Hugo is eating chicken at Mr. Clucks. Desmond is there. He comes over for a little chat. He remembers him from the plane. Suspicious. Anyway, Hurley talks about Libby and how she’s crazy. Not all-woman-are-crazy-crazy, but actually literally mentally insane., but that he did totally feel the connection. Desmond suggests that he get over the crazy thing and just get it together.

On the island, Locke frees Desmond, who’s totally calm and collected, but has no real idea what’s going on. He explains what happened to him, and Locke takes him for a little walk.

Meanwhile, the too-cool-for-school-beach-crew is trundling through the forest to the Black Rock. Ben rather pessimistically opines about Ilana’s fate. They arrive at the ship, and Richard tells everyone to stay back. But wait, where’s Hurley? Oh, right, he snuck off ahead, and went into the Black Rock to blow up all the dynamite.


Richard is so angry he storms off. Miles has a few lines for once. Hurley explains that dead people tell him to do stuff and he just goes and does it.

Sideways Hurley visits Dr. Brooks at Santa Rosa to see Libby. Dr. Brooks doesn’t think that’d be a good idea. Hugo writes him a cheque, and he gets to see Libby. Hugo asks Libby about her claim that she knows him from somewhere. Libby explains that she suddenly remembered everything when she saw Hugo on a Mr. Clucks advert. The plane-crash, the Island, their relationship… Even Hurley’s time in Santa Rosa BEFORE the plane crash, where crazy-Libby also happened to be. Hugo still doesn’t remember the Bizarro-world though. He asks her on a picnic, and guess what? Turns out Libby is totally into it dude.

Swirling plane sounds… On the island, Locke is walking Desmond around, and talking about the island. A boy shows up. No, not the boy from The Substitute, a different boy, similar age, similar clothes. Desmond inquires. Locke angrily evades.

Now Richard’s plan has gone up in smoke we go to plan C, which is “If you guys are so great, you come up with a way to stop the smoke monster from getting off the island…” Hurley pipes in with his plan, which is go speak to Locke – he says Jacob told him. Richard thinks Hurley’s full of shit. He’s gone to plan D, which is find some other way to blow up that plane. Ben and Miles go with him, so Hurley leads Jack, Frank – yes, he’s still here – and Sun through the Jungle to Locke. Along the way Jack confesses that he’s given up being a leader, because every time he’s made decisions, they’ve been bad. Hurley confesses he doesn’t know where he’s going.

Then the whispers show up and Hurley tells everyone to wait there while he goes to talk to one of them. Michael of course. Michael is stuck on the island. The rest of the whispers, that’s all the other people stuck on the island, unable to move on. Michael points the way, and asks Hurley to apologise to Libby.

On the sideways, Libby and Hugo are on their beach-picnic date, which is kinda awkward because Libby’s remembering another picnic they were going to have, but didn’t. Hurley self-deprecates, and Libby cheers him up with a kiss.


Hugo remembers… Boy that was some kiss. Oh, and Desmond’s totally watching them from his car, brother.

On the island, LockeĀ  leads Desmond to a well. You know a very old well, not dissimilar to the one with the Donkey Wheel at the bottom of it. Except this one is not at the Orchid and doesn’t have a bucket. Locke explains the well was not for water, but for answers. Answers to what lay beneath, the electromagnetism. He also explains Widmore wants power. Then he says that this is the only well. Why are you lying dude? If it was the only well, it’d be the Orchid well. Loche wonders why Desmond is not afraid. Desmond says there’s no point in being afraid, so Locke smiles, and then throws him down the well.

Returning to camp, Sawyer’s all up in his face again. But, just then, Hurley shows up, carrying his white flag. Locke offers his knife as word Hugo’s team won’t be harmed. So they all walk out of the woods. The two groups look happy and confused in equal measure. Locke welcomes Jack back. He’s probably realised now that he has every candidate, except perhaps Jin.

Back in the sideways, Desmond is sitting outside a school watching Locke wheel himself along. Dr. Linus knocks on his window, wondering why a guy is sitting in his car staring at a school.

Desmond lies to Ben (normally the other way round), and then, when Linus leaves, he hits the gas and ploughs into Locke’s wheelchair. While he’s lying on the road, his eyes are flickering, almost as if… he remembers?


Guess we’ll find out later if that’s the case.

And so…

So, what did we learn this episode? We learn that these flashes don’t have to be near-death experiences, just certain specific points-of-reference, almost akin to Faraday’s big constant idea. This one event that keeps happening is triggering their memories. That could be a kiss, a hand on a window, electromagnetism in the head…

Some other subtle things have been made clear. The whispers, turns out it’s just people who died on the island. Well, Michael died near the island, but anyway. Apparently they’re all stuck there because of what they did. Why is Libby not amongst them? And actually, how come Mr. Eko, Ana Lucia, Charlie, they all appeared to Hurley off island. Is it perhaps the case that those people who were killed on the island through no fault of their own are free to wander, but the ones who killed or otherwise “sinned” are stuck there forever? That brings up another interesting question. Could the island actually be hell, or at least some kind of purgatory – you don’t have to be dead to stay there, but it helps. That seems like a cop-out though, so I’m sure it’s not that simple.

One thing I seem to have developed this episode, is a feeling that the sideways are actually happening afterwards, and that rather than there being some method of crossing over, it’s simply a case of gaining memories of what happened. But the thing is, so far, the memories all seem to be of things before the bomb. Indeed, it seems to be things before the Oceanic 6 even left. Is that important or merely a coincidence? We shall see.

Seems like there are now two main camps with a three-man third group. We have Locke’s camp, having recently swollen in ranks from the assimilation of half of the beach-gang, and Widmore’s Hydra Island crew + Jin. The smaller third group of Richard, Miles and Ben seems determined to blow up the plane to prevent Locke’s departure. This goal overlaps with Widmore’s so will we see those groups merge? I’m pretty sure those guys don’t even know Widmore’s back yet. Will we see Ben and Widmore put aside their differences for the good of the island? Fat chance. Oh, and Desmond’s trapped down a well.

Where next? Well next week it’s “The Last Recruit” looks like this one is a direct continuation of where we’re at. It should also be noted that we have now seen all of the main cast in the flash-sideways with the exceptions of Ilana, and Richard, who have only had flashbacks, and Frank, who’s really done literally nothing this whole season. Promoted to full cast member, and then treated like background. While it’d be nice to see a Frank story, I doubt that’s going to happen. With that in mind, we now seem to have seen all the centric-episodes we’re likely to see, and both stories now seem to be running full speed ahead. We shall see what happens next week, but I imagine we’ll see an episode of everyone next week.

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