Asphixiator – Black (remix/remaster)

I spent the last few days remixing and remastering “Black”, a four-track album-length musical work by my noise/dark ambient project Asphixiator from May 2007. These are the fruits of my labour, hosted expertly by the great Bandcamp. Follow the link and you can download it in a whole host of formats for free. Or if you are very kind and generous you can give me some money for it.

Black was designed around a concept of “black noise” which is usually defined as silence. The intention was not to create near-silent music though, but to build sound upwards from silence piece by piece, ie. the traditional way, as opposed to previous Asphixiator works, which were formed by convolution of multiple sound sources. It also utilises black, darkness, absence of light, as an aesthetic choice. Most elements are swamped in cave-like reverb, and form amorphous alien textures that cannot be easily identified, as though the sound is emanating from a place where we cannot see what is causing it.

Anyway, have a listen if you like.

Next up, White. Which is, if anything, less listenable.

3 thoughts on “Asphixiator – Black (remix/remaster)

  1. Yeah, don’t try to sleep to Track 3.

    There’s a thing I’ve had in the ideas bank for some time which is music specifically designed for assisting/enhancing/subverting sleep. Provided this momentum continues, I could even get round to it by the end of the year.


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