So, it’s all over. Just finished watching the finale.

I had actually written recaps for episodes 13 and 14, but I couldn’t be bothered getting screencaps to post them, so I never got round to it. I might post them up shortly regardless, as if anyone cares.

Anyway, regarding “The End” as they aptly named it, I was quite satisfied. Not just satisfied though; moved, slightly bewildered, and ultimately thankful. Spoilers ahead, though I will keep this brief.

There had been talk all season that the flash-sideways seemed too corny, too coincidental, even by the show’s standards, to be real. It turns out those people were right. All the incongruities, all the strange colours and moods that didn’t quite add up.

This episode even threw in a great red herring – that the island was to be sunk, which we were obviously meant to tie in to the sideways world, where the island had sunk. As it turns out that did not happen. The light of the island went out, which also turned off all the island’s powers (and rules), allowing Jack the window to kill the Man in Black. Ultimately the question remains as to whether Jacob was really good or not, but there is no question that as a result of his circumstances, the Man in Black had become evil. Also, the crumbling island looked awesome.

I loved the realisation of the light chamber, though it does beg the question of how the smoke monster formed. I assume that the water carried him into the electromagnetic force, but when they got down there the water didn’t exactly flow directly there. Of course, there has been about 2000 years in between, so things may well have changed.

Hurley as the new Jacob was also a nice surprise, and Ben accepting his offer to take Richard’s role was another great touch. Jack’s sacrifice was touching and finally lived up to the promise of him having a true purpose and destiny on the island. Meanwhile, Frank flying Richard, Miles, Clarie, Sawyer and Kate off the island once and for all, presumably back to their old lives. There could have been a long epilogue, just as there was with BSG, but they chose instead to close on the very image they opened on, Jack lying in the bamboo field, his eye this time closing.

The purgatory thing off the island was a sad ending but it did tie everything up rather neatly. Ultimately, the island wasn’t what was important, it was the people, and the connections they made between one another, and they had to realise that to move on, to “let go”. They were stringing us along that there was going to be some big pseudo-scientific reason for everyone coming together, but there wasn’t. They were the people who were ready to leave. It also neatly explains Michael’s slightly vague comment about being one of the ones who can’t move on.

As much as it would have been nice to have seen Hurley presiding over the island, at this point such a scene would detract from neat bookending job they pulled. In the final epilogue, BSG somewhat undermined the goodwill they had earned in the discovery of our Earth with some really hammy dialogue. Lost, though some of the threads may have been left behind, had the courage to pull tight the main narrative thread of the entire show, and just let the rest fall to the ground.

So, thank you to everyone involved in the production of Lost. Though I only started watching in 2008, I feel like it’s been a long journey that I am both happy and sad is over.


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