Supersonic 2010: This weekend

Hey folks. It’s finally upon us, Supersonic 2010 kicks off tomorrow night. Which, by the way, I am volunteering at (in return for a weekend ticket). I’ll be working the event in various small capacities for a total of 13 hours over the weekend, mostly on Friday and Sunday.

I just realised this will be my first real solo trip anywhere – at least as far as going places that require hotels. I’ve decided that I should document this weekend here on the blog (the redesign continues, despite appearances, but is obviously on hold this weekend). Why? Well what the hell else is a personal blog for if not stuff like this?

So, this is just some preliminary blabber here, a little overview of what’s happening. In fact here’s tomorrow’s current schedule…

  • Train, Glasgow to Birmingham, leaves 10:00AM, arrives 13:56.
  • Check in to hotel on arrival.
  • Selling pay on door tickets from 20:30-1:00 Saturday.

Simple stuff really. So tonight, I’m packing, printing all the relevant info, work timetables, et cetera and so forth and such. Don’t think it’s worth doing a photo documentary on that, because it’s a completely slapdash process. But from tomorrow I intend to start photographing the weekend as it unfolds, if for no other reason than to record the experience. Maybe it’ll be interesting for other people to read. Maybe it’ll be total junk. That’s fine, whatever.

The plan is to be at Central Station by 9:30 at the absolute latest. From there, a four hour train journey which will no doubt be highly uneventful. Hopefully my trusty old mp3 player holds out the duration. Then by the time I check into the hotel, which is right round the corner from the station, I have about eight hours to kill. So I’ll probably grab some lunch and post the first day’s blog on the free wifi downstairs. Excitement. I’ll try and include photos because I know how much these walls of text I tend to post are no fun to read.

I’ll try and take a lot of photos, now that I’ve got a 4GB memorystick in the camera, and try to cover as much of the goings on as I can reasonably be bothered to. I’ll probably not try too much in the way of band photography because other people do a far better job of that, and I feel it takes away from the actual experience of the music. And a lot of it will be night-time photography since I’ll mostly be working in the dark hours, but them’s the apples.

Regarding the actual event, got a couple of bands specifically on the list I really want to catch. Due to work commitments I know I’ll miss some of them, but I’m catching Swans when they swing through Glasgow on Monday night after I get back, so I can afford to miss them. Based on my work timetable, here’s the specific list I’m aiming to catch where possible:

There’s more I’ll probably catch bits of here and there as I’m working Sunday, but mostly I’m open to new discoveries. Working merch Sunday night, I’ll probably take that opportunity to overload on any new discs I can get my paws on. Good thing I get paid again tomorrow morning.

Also might pop along to some of the extra-curricular events like Gods White Noise if I can. Wish I had been quicker and gotten a place in the Noiseboxes workshop though – but the dude who’s doing that is apparently doing a Steve Reich piece at some point, so I’ll try and track that down. Anyway, I guess I’ll just see what unfolds. Should be a fun weekend. Best to cram in as much as I possibly can I guess. And as always, I’ll be entirely sober throughout.

Anyway folks, that is The Plan as it stands. I guess I better get back to the packing thing.

P.S. I realise most of the five people reading this will have no idea what I’m talking about over the course of the weekend, but hey… That’s their fault for being rubbish.

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