Day 1, Part 1: A Journey

Yes, I am evoking the Blair autobiography. So what?

It’s 16:38.

Here’s what’s happened. I woke up at 7:30, began packing everything and was ready to leave at 9:00. Excellent huh? Then I needed a poo.

So, I actually left at 9:05, popped along to Kinning Park subway station. One single ticket later and I made it to St. Enoch subway station by 9:25 and then wandered along to Glasgow Central Station, arriving by about 9:30. Exciting story thus far, huh?

I picked up my tickets from the automated machine, and with 30 minutes to kill, no platform announcement and having not had anything to eat, I decided to go grab a bite at one of the overpriced in-station vendors. I opted for M&S Simply Food, where I grabbed a Beef Enchilada Wrap at the princely sum of £3.50. It was pretty good. Then the platform was announced on the big board (platform 3 obviously).

Pretty tasty, very filling.
Nothing too exciting here.

Then the train journey, which was largely uneventful. Had an empty seat next to me till Preston, and then again after Wolverhampton. Listened to the remainder of this week’s Giant Bombcast, then a little bit of the new Earth re-release A Bureaucratic Desire for Extra-Capsular Extraction – before I realised that the tone was a little too abrasive for my current mood. Ended up on Paul Simon’s surprisingly excellent Surprise before drifting through some Simon and Garfunkel and then settling on Steve Reich’s Different Trains, which I saw performed last Saturday during the awesome Glasgow Concert Halls Minimal Festival, and then Philip Glass’ Solo Piano album. So, quite a contrast from the upcoming weekend of music. Didn’t want to burn my ears out before the weekend gets going.

Arrived in Birmingham on schedule, just before 14:00. Then went to find the hotel. Except I kind of got lost…

An hour of panicked wandering later I realised I had missed the street by turning left instead of right. Silly me. Oh well, it was an adventure. Found a nice church, and walked past the Kerrang Radio HQ at one point.

Not the best view, but I was in a mild panic
This is surprisingly far away from the Hotel, which is actually five minutes from the train station... Silly me.

Finally, arrived at The Briar Rose, a JD Wetherspoon hotel. Yes, that’s right, it’s part of a Wetherspoon’s. Really centralised, and the food facilities will be extremely handy. Got up to my room after a painless check-in to discover a pretty nice little room, with a traditional feel. Nicer than the dull modern rooms I’ve stayed in at Premier Inn and Etap for previous Supersonics, and for cheaper than Premier Inn to boot.

The room
An actual feather duvet. Impressive.

So, rested in the room for an hour and watched Countdown.

You’ll notice that up until this point, still practically nothing has happened.

Anyway, after Countdown finished, I decided to pop down to the bar to utilise the free wi-fi facilities. In fact, I am there right now. Work starts in four hours, so I think I might get some dinner then go for a wander.

After I get back tonight, I’m probably going to get up before noon so I can grab me a breakfast and post a breakdown of tonight’s happenings. Sound good huh? Yeah. Anyway, on this; more tomorrow I guess.

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