Day 1, Part 2: Supersonic Friday

Note, not many event pictures in this one, because it was late at night.

So, after a lazy afternoon decamp, watching Fresh Prince and X-Files, I left for the Custard Factory at about 19:50 for my shift starting 20:30. I arrived and received my yellow staff wristband, and my staff t-shirt.

Stupid grin.
This is shockingly blurry snap of me wearing said t-shirt and wrist-band, once I got back to the hotel room. Behind me you will see a nice painting by a local schoolchild which has its own little light above it.

Then, when 20:30 rolled around, our team leader showed up and we received basic 10 minutes training. I was scheduled as pay-on-door, but it seems it’s flexible as I was put on collecting e-tickets instead. First I was one of two guys with a little palm computer thing. People gave us their 3 or 4 digit ticket numbers, confirmed their details, and then passed to wristband/handstamp guys. Later, I was given a ten minute break, and when I got back, I moved onto wristband/programme handout duties.

It was actually really easy for the most part. A few anomalies involving See Tickets aside, the only real issue was a number of folk in the wrong cue. For example, I ran the ticket number for one guy, and it turned out it was Dave Cochrane, who was obviously on the guest list for Godflesh. Later, after the queue had ended and it was just dribs and drabs, one guy who jokingly asked if Godflesh had cancelled yet due to a sore throat was quite impressed by that fact.

It was quite chilly though, but at least it wasn’t raining, and I was wrapped up well, three-layers and a jacket.

The queue was strong for about an hour, but it went really quickly and smoothly. By about 23:00 they started shutting down lanes, then by 23:20 they moved down to just the guest lane and we were able to sign out and do what we wanted.

I really had no pressing urge to see most of the Friday bands, and Napalm Death really aren’t my thing so I decided I would probably just head back to the hotel. I also didn’t have my earplugs with me, but I figured I’d at least check out the bands currently playing.

Popped in to see Drumcorps, a one-man guitar/electronic hardcore machine, playing on the outside stage. It was pretty cool stuff I must say, so I stayed for a couple songs. Not something I really wanted to stay the whole set for, especially without my plugs, but it really piqued my interest. The other band I peeped on for all of twenty seconds, up in the Old Library, was Devilman, which was similar but the place was totally packed, so I decided to head back to the hotel ā€“ where I am now writing this. Figure best to get a good sleep so I can cram in a lot of stuff tomorrow.

Selfridges is still crazy after all these years.
On the way too and from the venue, I go through the Bullring, which is impressive in its own right, but the most notable building is probably Selfridges, which remains highly wacky-looking.

All in all, it was a good start to the working-side of my weekend, tomorrow will be more of the musical side of things because I’m not on tickets till 21:00, and it opens 16:00. That gives me a good stretch of time to do a little exploring and catch a bit of the God’s White Noise performance ā€“ a 7 hour free social guitar improvisation performance by an artist named Christian Jendreiko, featuring guitarists of all skill levels presumably making an almighty racket. Sounds like exactly my kind of thing.

Probably going to try and catch Eagle Twin, Gnaw, and then Dosh, who I have been recommended by a fellow volunteer. Also, seems like tomorrow night there’ll be less tickets to deal with so if I’m lucky I may get away for most if not all of Godflesh, and then Melt-Banana. Nice…