“Free” time

So, finally, the rampdown happened, and I am out of work once again, which gives me a small opportunity to get stuff done. Not to be too over-ambitious, but here’s the things I intend to work to completion while looking for work once again:

  • The website redesign.
  • A very special episode of PMT…
  • A mercifully short musical experiment of multitracked improvisational chaos.

I’m also hoping to get my teeth into the oft-delayed, Homophonies, and finally execute some of the musical constructs and structures I have built up for it. Kind of unlikely that’ll happen, but the time is ripe, and there’s nothing like working for 2 months in a variable-shift high-stress job to make you value time off.

So, that’s the plan. It is of course NANOWRIMO month again, but you know what, I’m zero words in, so I’m just not going to put myself through that again. That being said, I always enjoy my November writing trips to the Starbucks at the top of Sauchiehall Street, so maybe I’ll turn that into reading trips this year. I mean, I read plenty, but it’s always reference books and magazines. Been a while since I properly read a novel or something. I should make a proper crack into that big Lincoln book. Whatever.

Anyway, back out on the job trail soon, but for now, while I’m back in Perth, brief respite. Also, going to see Jon Anderson & Rick Wakeman tonight. That should be pleasantly nostalgic.

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