More gnus

So, I just got finished with my 13-week mandatory job placement, working full-time for my unemployment benefits. Fortunately, I got lucky and got a great little placement working for Glasgow West Credit Union in Partick. They’re good folks who work in there, even if the actual work part of it wasn’t overly exciting. I didn’t even know what a credit union was until I started working there. It’s an interesting alternative to high street banking, partick-ularly (that horrible pun stolen from a nearby hairdressers’) in the current climate. Anyway, I will be volunteering in there a couple days a week up until I get employment.

Also, Mum’s shop in Perth, Stampaholics, is now closed for business. She’s both saddened and relieved. I went back there to help with the dismantling, but I ended up being used more as a dog-sitter than anything else – which is absolutely fine by me.

I was doing February Album Writing Month, and I got quite a lot of ideas written but not recorded. Plus, about a month ago, my laptop graphics chip died. I’ve now been using the Macbook as my primary computer since then, and though I have mostly adjusted, there’s still a lot I can’t do. My Adobe CS3 is the PC version so I can’t install that, half my VSTs and what not won’t run and I don’t access to much in the way of gaming. It has kind of sidelined about five different projects I was working on, although to be honest it’s not like I was working very hard on them.

My music collection was in WMA too (yeah, I know, I hung on to that boat a bit too long), and my MacBook hard drive won’t take the full library, so I’ve been sporadically ripping everything into iTunes. I don’t like iTunes. It’s fair to say, I am an extreme sceptic when it comes to Apple products. It’s taken me this month of constant use for me to finally get used to using OS X, and I had to actually buy a piece of software AND run a mystical command that it took me hours to find on the internet into the Terminal just to get my fucking mouse to not accelerate, all because Apple don’t put a switch in their control panel. My brain cannot compute how anyone, especially design professionals (the type of people who have been singing Apple’s praises for as long as I can remember), can use a mouse with acceleration turned on. Oh and I really hate window management in OS X. Screw the Dock and screw Finder, give me the Windows 7 taskbar any day. Hell, give me the XP taskbar.

I’ve told myself for a while now, my next computer would be a desktop, but if my Canada plan works out, that limits the usefulness of a desktop. If I did get another laptop, I’d get a bigger desktop-replacement type model. But that’s all moot right now because I don’t have any money. I need a job soon.

Still reading The Stand, about 60% in, but I intend to finish that up fairly quickly now that I’ll have even more free time on my hands. I also read The Wizard of Oz, and a couple other short things.

I desperately need to start saving for a) Canada b) new PC/laptop.

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