And we are back…

So, the site went missing there for a bit. Turns out when my laptop went kaput, I did not notice the email invoice I got for my hosting bill (since my old BT emails are set up for thunderbird on that machine and not the macbook). So the bill went unnoticed for a while. Fortunately, when I worked out what had happened I was able to retrieve the email from webmail and here we are, back up and running.

I take it for granted that I have this hosting in place sometimes, I forget how useful it could be, how much I could do with it if I could just push myself. Maybe this is a kick in the right direction – finish the redesign.

Speaking of such matters, I am getting a new computer shortly, so I will hopefully be back up and running on Windows by the end of the week. I’ve got my new spiffy IPS monitor so I’ll have no excuse. I am not quite sure the best way to go about setting up this new machine, whether to start from scratch on the new hard-drive, or clone my laptop drive to the new internal drive. Either way I’m likely to have the fun of re-activating Windows 7. I figure, if I clone the drive, the worst that could happen is I could run into driver issues, but those would likely be easily resolved once I got into Windows. But at the same time, maybe taking the time to start fresh is the best option, and just copy my files across to the new machine, and spend a day re-installing everything. Fun stuff. But I guess it gives me a clean slate as far as drivers go, so no conflicts will arise. Argh… Decisions decisions.

At least I’ll be able to play Portal 2 now.

It also dawned on me just how ridiculous my old laptop screen was. 15.6″ @ 1680×1050. My new screen is 22″ @ 1680×1050. That’ll be much better on the eyes.

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