30 Day Song Challenge, Day 02

More? Yes, more.

Day 02: Your Least Favourite Song

Oh, come on. This is almost an impossible category. So I’ll pick one song that’s annoyed me a lot recently. I am not going to link to it here because I don’t want you to listen to it.

I am talking about recent hit Rihanna – Only Girl (in the World)

In December, I was in a place for five days with a bunch of young unemployed Glaswegians. The Radio was on. This song was playing. And then after it had not been playing for about twenty minutes, it was playing again. And again. And again.

And this song, with its nauseating sing-along chorus, over and over… It kept cropping up, on TV, or radio, or in shops… I found it very difficult to withstand.

I’m not a fan of much/any modern pop music (way to co-op chiptunes), but some songs just stand out more than others in how much they bug me, like a parasite crawling into my brain. There’s something about Rihanna in general I find unbearable, more so than any other recent popular artist, so it’s only fair she gets this dubious distinction.

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