Portal 2 co-op partner wanted

I have problem. Problem is no friends.

No, I’m kidding. Kind of. But seriously though. Portal 2 is coming out next Tuesday (unless some crazy ARG turns out to be true). I’m pretty excited by that. However, as far as I can tell, nobody else I know will have Portal 2, day of release. I’m stuck with friends who have bad computers, don’t play games that require mice, or don’t play skill-based games. Certainly none of them have an especially strong bond with the original Portal, because none of them completed it.

This means I’m somewhat locked out of the co-operative mode of the main game because I won’t have a partner to play with. Now I’m sure there’s an option to just go through it with another randomly chosen person, but I don’t really like that idea because it throws up so many different variables; what if the other person has played through already and just wants to run through it as quickly as possible? What if the other person is no good at Portal and I can’t proceed at a decent pace because of their lack of experience? What if the other person drops out twenty minutes in?

Anybody out there reading this want to be my Portal 2 co-op partner? You know, for the first play-through of the game. I wish I had someone special to share the experience with by now, but alas I do not. I guess I could go trawling players on my favourite TF2 servers to see if anyone’s in a similar boat, but I expect not.

So, anybody want to take pity on me, and bond over a little Portal 2?

Oh, and also, I have a free copy of Portal on Steam. If you want Portal, I can give you it for free right now. No strings attached – it was part of my Portal 2 pre-order. You can hit me up here or on Steam for either.

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