30 Day Song Challenge, Day 03

Day 03: A Song that Makes You Happy

There’s a few candidates here, so I figure I should set some other parameters. I think this should be something that elicits pure joy, rather than something that’s twinged with melancholy. Also, I think it probably has to be something that has specifically cheered me up from a foul mood.

Akron/Family are pretty weird. They have a hippy commune kind of air about them, drawing music from a huge panorama of influences in a semi-improvisatory patchwork of melody and chaos. Their songs have the ebullient sound of pure musical freedom, regularly descending into an unholy racket – yet miraculously also weaving achingly perfect pop songs into the mix. Like this one.

I’ve Got Some Friends is actually one of the band’s peppier numbers, densely layered with positive ebullience, yet contained within what even the most normal amongst us might call “a song”. There’s others I could have picked, but this one sums it all up in short.

As always: go stream/buy some Akron/Family.

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